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Helping Individuals

Helping Adults and Teens Journey from Anxiety and Fear to Passion and Purpose

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety Don’t Have to Control Your Life

Working with a therapist can help you heal and create the peace of mind you crave.

Stress. Anxiety. Depression. Trauma.

If you’ve been struggling with any of the above, you’re likely to feel miserable and alone….perhaps even hopeless.

You may even believe that you’re doomed to wake up anxious every day.

I get that you may think this way- even though it’s NOT true.

When you feel anxiety day after day, it’s exhausting and depressing. Everything you do in your life is darkened by anxiety. Your family life suffers. Your social life suffers. Your work life suffers.

You may live in a state of worry and fear.

You may dread getting out of bed each day. You may be ridden with panic attacks.

If you’ve tried other anxiety treatments or seen other counsellors but didn’t get the relief that you hoped for, it’s no wonder you feel discouraged. Who wouldn’t?

AND YET, you haven’t given up hope because you are here.

First, I’d like to congratulate you for reaching out because THERE IS HOPE.

Doc Childre quote

“Living in the heart is the key that will take us all beyond the information age to the age of heart-based living.”
– Doc Childre

You Can Get Relief

You CAN Get Relief From Your Anxiety

My goal is to help adults and teens heal from anxiety, NOT simply to manage it.

Through counselling, I help you get at the roots of your anxiousness and tap into your natural healing ability. Using some of the most powerful and scientifically proven tools, my goal is to help heal your worries and fears permanently.

Like most of my therapy clients, I’m sure you want to:

  • Have better relationships with friends, colleagues, and loved ones
  • Live your life with more integrity, feel more confident, and be true to yourself
  • Feel more relaxed and at peace with yourself and your life
  • Grab hold of your life with passion and joy
  • Have a greater sense of meaning and purpose
Heather Kristenson
Counselling Therapist

I’m a compassionate and Experienced Counsellor Who’ll Help You Embrace Your Life to the Fullest.

I’m a Counselling Therapist, a Certified Trauma Recovery Counsellor, Certified Suicide Intervention Counsellor, Certified Grief Support Counsellor, and a Certified HeartMath Practitioner.

As a skilled and insightful therapist, I will listen deeply and respectfully to your concerns.

I know you’re doing the best you can right now, but you want relief. I want to support you in creating a life with greater meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

Lasting Healing is Possible

With my expertise and counselling tools, I help you tap into your innate ability to heal – your internal compass that allows you to connect to your intuition, higher self, or whatever you choose to call it.

You CAN rise up and above your anxiety.

Call to Action

Contact me in my Camrose counselling office to find out how I can help.

We’ll discuss your problems and goals and see if we are a good fit to work together.


A great listener

“I have found Heather easy to talk to, non-judgemental and a great listener. She is a respectful, caring and very insightful counsellor. I highly recommend Heather for anyone seeking an exceptional counsellor and the skills to meet everyday challenges.” -AM

Very worthwhile

“I have found my time with Heather to be very worthwhile. She listened patiently to my issues and asked pertinent questions. She left me with suggestions that became very useful. She was very aware of family situations.” -DP

Heather’s voice is kind and clear

“Even ‘well established’ lives have adjustments and transitions that are sometimes difficult to navigate. When things begin to shift and you need a guide to help you find perspective, Heather’s voice is kind and clear.” -Cynthia

Reduced my anxiety

“Heather had many useful and practical tools to draw on, of which my favourite has been the HeartMath tools. It has greatly reduced my anxiety and has helped me to consistently be in a much more relaxed and peaceful state of mind.” -Ann

Helped me get back to myself

“I just wanted to thank you for everything you helped me work through and process. I didn’t think it was possible the first time I stepped into your office but your guidance helped me get back to myself." -Lauren